Tower Parking System

This particular system can load and park up to 50 cars in just 3 foot print of car.
This particular system operates like a lift with a central lifter having an empty platform for the car. Once the car is loaded the system lifts the car and shifts it on either side depending upon the vacant spot.

Benefits of this system:


Yes, you might be wondering that a system that is so efficient and can load up to 50 cars should be installed before the building is built.
Well, this is so far the biggest advantage of tower parking systems that you can install it on existing structures as well!

The drives would just need to park the car on the platform and then the system would take care of parking it at a vacant spot.
It’s all mechanically executed. While retrieving your car, all you would need to do is just do the dialing of some code and get your car descended automatically!

When it becomes so convenient for the driver to park and retrieve the car instead of running around the bush to search for a parking space and walk back to the same parking spot to retrieve, it indeed saves your precious time and gives you a peace of mind as well!

Apart from all the other systems, Tower parking systems have been in major demand especially from the commercial sectors, as malls and offices have benefited tremendously in saving their time and efforts behind parking their car.

Tower parking system by I PARK is low in terms of maintenance, operational and construction cost.
It also has many more benefits like being environmentally friendly as you don’t need to switch on the engine of the car for parking it.

The system itself generates on a low noise level hence does not create any noise pollution.
It is fully secured with steel structures and corrosion resistant paint.