About Us

I PARK is an automated car parking solution manufacturer and provider in India that specializes in designing, developing and delivering systems that are reliable and are tested in several locations before implementation.


  • I PARK is a NEW venture of one of the oldest and most popular engineering firm that is Indel Engineering Ltd.
  • The company Indel Engineering Ltd has had its roots grounded successfully since the past twenty years.
  • It has been in the service of providing the best, most effective and wide spectrum of solutions.
  • One of the most known solutions that Indel Engineering Ltd has proffered their services is of Indel Elevators.

The owner of the company Mr.K.B Nagar has an extolling experience with a virtue of an enormous and excellent command over his work. He is also acquainted with numerous awards and certificates of his past experience such as from United Technologies OTIS Elevator, OTIS Idea Treasure and many more which proudly glorify his diligence and efforts put behind the company since the past two decades.

The venture “I PARK” initiated by the company Indel Engineering Ltd thus ensures to provide parking facilities and services with systems that are easy to operate and maintain, consumes less power and maximizes the availability of space for parking your vehicle.